“Maybe you were right maybe I was wrong.
Maybe you were everything I needed and more.
Who am I to think that you’re not enough.
Who am I to break your heart and give up.

Whoami, whoami. x2

I wish I could make my system clear.
I wish the best and only of it an expression of the love that disappeared.
I still got demons don’t you know.
Oh I promised you the world and all I ever gave you was a lack of hope.

I’m sorry I wasn’t sane for your loving.
I’m sorry I wasn’t sane.

I’m sorry for all of the pain in your loving.
Sorry for all of the pain.

It was never my intention to break what we had.
Never my intention to break.

I’m sorry I left you in vein.

Whoami, whoami. x2″
-Prince of Eden




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