let’s pretend
you‘d move on
the other way,
unveiling sticky layers one by one,
removing bit by bit,
running barefoot until your feet become soft,
wading through the longest
and hurtfully peaceful night,
advancing in microscopic steps,
casting your way between
complicatedly interwoven branches,
and through heavy waters,
sometimes, you seem like you’ve lost
your breath completely,
or like you’re learning to exhale
fresh air.
you know by now that I might let you
get closer to the source of my voice,
so you wander along the roots of my thinking,
rising hopes,
paused sentences,
you climb over sharp shattered clay,
which stems from the collapsed idea
of a loophole filled with genuine reciprocity.
well, if you keep hurrying inversely,
flying motionless,
if you’re losing yourself twice,
as you follow the tongue-tied song,
and you’re ascending the last iceberg’s highest top,
which lies underneath the visible,
in the wildest corner of the ocean,
you’d get tired from the adventure,
but even more eager to find the price.
where you arrive,
I longed to show you
a meadow of purple lavender
that reaches the horizon
and way beyond,
to where the sun sets forever
and where there is no room for sorrow
or plausible second guessing.
but maybe there’s no blossoming daintiness
for you to find,
maybe you’d fall into a fragile light,
which feels too soothingly warm
and tastes as sweet as honey,
reminding you rudimentarily of this
one blissful moment
when innocent love rested its head gently
on the space between
your collarbone and your shoulder,
exhaling in heartfelt relief.
or maybe
your destination is still only the beginning,
an open space filled
with something you cannot say out loud
because what you found
is that,
or is some,
it might be an emotion
no one has named
or felt

[welcome home.]


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