Blurred lines

blurred lines.
cause on some days
you don‘t want to look closely,
or you don‘t want to be seen,
but chances are you‘re missing something,
the details in the melodiousness of her voice,
or the warm glistening in her eyes
when she looks at you,
you might miss out on the tiny bits of her soul,
that she pours into her sentences,
or the stories she tells you,
when she pauses in silence.
you might miss to notice the pure good
that she wants to give you,
or mistake her soothing touch as unintentional,
although it just brought you home.
you might miss that she is ready to be discovered,
that the thunderstorm in her heart has passed
for a few minutes
to leave a gentle morning dew.
chances are, you would have
and could have grasped her.

but you missed the moment
and you missed the spark.

– xxj


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