“Maybe you were right maybe I was wrong.
Maybe you were everything I needed and more.
Who am I to think that you’re not enough.
Who am I to break your heart and give up.

Whoami, whoami. x2

I wish I could make my system clear.
I wish the best and only of it an expression of the love that disappeared.
I still got demons don’t you know.
Oh I promised you the world and all I ever gave you was a lack of hope.

I’m sorry I wasn’t sane for your loving.
I’m sorry I wasn’t sane.

I’m sorry for all of the pain in your loving.
Sorry for all of the pain.

It was never my intention to break what we had.
Never my intention to break.

I’m sorry I left you in vein.

Whoami, whoami. x2″
-Prince of Eden



Vor dem Rückwärts

Moving forward – Kyle Lionhart


“Love is just a better word than
Darling let me take your burden
Though I’ve got mine


And I want to feel like we’re moving forward
I don’t want to feel nervous
But I know we ain’t perfect


Cause I’m moving forward
Just to know what’s back
No reasons came
For what I don’t have
Cause I’m moving forward
Just to know what’s back…”
– Kyle Lionhart

Some Truth

there’s all the love. more than we could ever ask for.
but it won’t change the mess we’re in.



Out of your hands

You said you want to hold onto me
and turned the other way.

before you catch me, I‘ve already fallen a million times.


Below the surface

under the skin


she ceased putting words together to frame him, because his expansive fire doesn‘t reach her sandfilled heart no more. Not even a spark of inspiration although coated in bright worry and sorrow strokes her now. She got used to all the pinching, pushing – but not to the flames. Still, agile like water, she fluidly reshapes and reforms, creates space for the sharp edges before she bursts into drops and crashes away in waves. She sickers past roots and metals into the deep earth, where nothing can enlighten her soul, but the moon.

[maybe the wood is all that connects us. the anger we hold for one another. firmly grounded in our hearts.]


Small talk

von all deinen Gefühlen,
und von dieser Abenddämmerung,
die sich in Zyklen wiederholt
– immer häufiger.
Worte haben noch nie etwas gebracht
und egal wie oft man das gleiche spricht,
es kommt nicht besser an.
Auch Lügen kann man sich schönreden,
wenn man stur genug ist.
Der Weg weiter ist manchmal der Weg raus,
oder querfeld hinab.
Ich weiss nicht, was so unklar ist in meinem Kopf,
denn in aller Deutlichkeit ist es nicht so schwierig.
Sich niederlegen in Gemütlichkeit,
schwimmen mit der Strömung.
Ich versteh das.
In der Süsse übersieht man,
wie sauer es macht.
Trotzdem wollen Regeln immer gebrochen werden,
Du weisst das am besten von allen.
Die Kunst liegt darin,
zu wiederstehn.
Eiskalt oder lodernd heiss,
das sind beides keine guten Möglichkeiten.
Und ich bin das Ringen satt.

Mein Gegner ist der,
von dem gemunkelt wird,
dass er gar nicht da ist.




I‘ve been thinking about self love.
I think self love is also: saying no.
saying no in general.
and also saying no to others.


how do you put nothingness
into words
if not with silence?


kisses til fade out.

Victor Marc – Change
& Tash Sultana – Harvest Love

gentle orange light
shimmering and floating through the room.
touching your skin.
quiet shadows dancing smoothly on your face.
those subtle movements
only clear eyes can discern
flickering and reaching
to everything that’s close
or nowhere to be seen.
exhaling warm air
into a hot room
as the mind wanders to distant places
where you can ease
and rest.
although the black sky is covered
we watch the galaxies
spinning in slow motion
stars blossoming
and collapsing to dust.
coming closer
arms tightening
glowing brighter
from the inside
hearts loosen up
faces leaning in
embracing the night
until sleep seeps
into our heads
and tenderness
into our bones.