I‘ll wait

until I meet some one
at the right reflectional pause in our cycles
at the humblest of our seasons.

some one,
who matches my energy
in its vastness and its purity,
in its free will.

some one,
who can never go past his truth,
who shows up for himself
and speaks up for the world.

some one,
who is kind to the roots of his soul,
who is caring to the center of his bones
and gentle at the source of his thoughts.

some one,
who appreciates the deepest depths of darkness and light
and the silence of perfect presence.

some one,
with whom being two-gether
doesn‘t sound like a hypocritical mouthful
or a stoneheavy burden.

some one,
to whom dancing in each others arms
never means to move out of sync with time
or out of a frame that we‘ve painted with white color on canvas.

some one,
with whom it’s easy two be two,
flowstating together,
finding that unison
that never feels
like we are one.



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