Belle Mt – Hollow (Acoustic)

Storms build up slowly
hide behind soft clouds
and quiet lies
behind bright horizons

they announce themselves with darkness
and a particular feeling
a fresh wind
that tells you they’re coming

you know it without looking
you sense them without seeing
clear skies obscure
only a fool denies

thunder and lightning keep their secrets
their force is unforgiving
and the night is over
it’s really over this time

and no words can soothe
no arms can shelter
a sudden turn to a sinister atmosphere
sombre seconds of a heavy heart

too tired to run
too exhausted to find new excuses
how much love can one waste
on the same sun?

blown away
soaked in raindrops
familiar cold
no heads held high

violence can be done unknowingly
hurt is natural
life does not take it easy on you
someone will always lose

until clear skies reappear
or the moon‘s silhouette reassures
a red evening
promises a brighter day tomorrow

but for now














[lesson learned?]


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