My favourite summer drinks

I’m back with a summery topic!
Sorry that I didn’t post anything for so long.
In this post I wanna share with you some drinks I know from the time when I was working in a Bar and which are quite popular in Switzerland.
I usually don’t drink strong alcoholic cocktails, I prefer white whine or prosecco instead.
Here are a few easy recipes of my favourite light summer drinks! Enjoy!

fresh, light, sweet, yummy!

Dash of elderflower sirup
2/3 Prosecco
1/3 Sparkling water
Garnish with mint leaves, lime slices (squeeze them in) and icecubes

sweet, light

2/3 White whine
1/3 Sprite
Garnish with a slice of orange, icecubes

light, slightly bitter

4cl Aperol
1dl Prosecco
Dash of sparkling water
Garnish with a slice of orange and icecubes

sour, slightly bitter, sweet, fresh

4cl Aperol or Amaretto
2cl Sugar Syrup
2cl Lemon juice
Garnish with slices of lemon, orange, lime, mint and icecubes

(easy recipe to make sugar syrup yourself:

sweet, fruity, fresh

4cl/dash Passionfruit syrup
1/4 Passionfruit (seeds)
1dl Prosecco
Dash of sparkling water
Garnish with a slice of orange, mint and icecubes

fresh, strong, sweet, sour

4dl White Rum
1Tablepoon Brown Sugar
1/2 Lime (sliced and squeezed)
4-5 Leaves of mint (missing in this picture)
tiny dash of Sugar Syrup if you like it sweet

Mix all of this well and crush it with a mortar.
Fill up with sparkling water and ice. Crushed ice is perfect, also works with normal icecubes (when adding a bit more water)

I’m sure you’re going to love this!
xx jana

Balinese Foodgasms

A little gallery for you: As you will realise, we basically ate the same thing over and over again and we were obsessed with fresh fruit juices 🙂DSC01074 DSC01072 DSC01076

Mango juice and plain lassi with Nasi Goreng (fried rice, back) and Chicken Satay with peanut sauce and rice and vegs (front)
DSC01062 DSC01184 DSC01186 DSC01187

Asian yellow vegetable curry with rice and pineapple juice

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Zurich Lifestyle


It was such a pretty spring day, that we had to go out!
I am not a Zurich-Girl and I used to be quite…well let’s say judgemental about the city because it’s supposed to not only be a very expensive and posh place – but also stressed and overrated. However, after I started working there at a bar and returning to the city every single weekend, I have fallen a slight bit in love with this city. Obviously also because I found my first true love there. And I’m not saying “first true love”, I am saying I basically have been in this town every weekend for almost two years. Still, I don’t know shit about it – but I like it anyway.

What you can see in the picture above is on the top right Lake Zurich and Zurich main station in the middle. We went to the park on the left and had a drink in a bar called “clouds” in the highest building of the city – the Prime Tower.

DSC00084 DSC00088

I don’t remember what drink I had – it was something with peach and strawberry puree and Prosecco. Very summery and nice. What he had was a yummy hot Bloody Marry. From the bar you have a great view over Zurich.
It’s quite fancy up there – and definitely worth a visit.

DSC00095 DSC00094 DSC00090

Then we went to the “Letten” – which is at the river Limmat. Very relaxing area with lots of young people and just gorgeous at sunset. I drank white whine mixed with sprite. This might sound disgusting to you but it’s one of my favorite drinks. In Switzerland and Germany you ask for a “Gespritzt Süss”.

I think to walk along the Limmat is great when you need time to think, or to jog. Oh yes, and I wore my black, dirty booties from Max Shoes.

Make sure you visit those places if you make it to Switzerland. 😉

jana x