There‘s so much more to learn
about acceptance.
Acceptance of ourselves,
the feelings we burry,
the selfishness we hold,
the negativity we carry around with ourselves
every day.

When we aknowledge all these things about us,
these hard emotions,
we can turn them around,
we can understand them,
we can listen and we can
Doesn‘t mean they go away.
Means they evolve.
Means they bloom.

When we let those bad feelings stay or even grow in the corner of our souls,
then they become a heavy burden.
They become darker,
letting less light shine through.
They decay, but they don‘t fade.
They cause frustration…
For a long time.

Decide to make them last
but only for a little time.
They shall be aknowledged,
because only then, they are willing
to go.
Or to move around.
To bend.

And maybe you can hug them then,
give them warmth.
Until they won‘t feel as horrorfying anymore.
Not as painful.

Release in aknowledgement.
Release in acceptance.


jana xx


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