Old love


Two familiar souls
who know each other,
who detect the brief shallowness of the eyes, when they feel insecure,
who recognize the subtle lightness of the breath, when they feel true hope,
or how their voice trembles barely noticeably, when gentle sorrow washes over them,
who know all the soft parts and all the stone hard walls that make them who they are,
who know the rhythm of each others heartbeats by heart,
the rhythm of each others lust;

who have known each other in different lifetimes,
always hoping they would meet again,
match someday
with the circumstances,
with everything that is around,
that surrounds them,
overpowers them,
with time.

There is always only so much one can know about the other.
Only so much one can love about the other.
But I feel you darling,
my bones and my body
yearn for you,
my mind
craves you.
My heart,
it indulges in you.
No matter what happens to us,
our souls will always
one day or the other,
one life or another,
find the way back
to their second home.



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