I think I went away at the right time.
Luckily, I came back just in time.
Now time stands still
and hastes at the same time.
Somehow, I am consuming all the time.
I am watching simple things
becoming so time consuming.
Sometimes I forget what day it is
and then I drink wine at nighttime
and think sentimental things – again.
The timing just never seems to be right anyways.
Do I even still have to be on time?
Or does it not count anymore during this timeout?
Will time ever be as timeless, as it is these days?
And for the rest of our lifetime, will we remember this?
Will we learn before next time?
Or will we just get lost in time again
until the time is up?
Wait, is it halftime, yet?
Yes, it definitely feels like time pauses
and rushes at the same time.
And I am nowhere
and everywhere where I have to be
right now.



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