My favourite summer drinks

I’m back with a summery topic!
Sorry that I didn’t post anything for so long.
In this post I wanna share with you some drinks I know from the time when I was working in a Bar and which are quite popular in Switzerland.
I usually don’t drink strong alcoholic cocktails, I prefer white whine or prosecco instead.
Here are a few easy recipes of my favourite light summer drinks! Enjoy!

fresh, light, sweet, yummy!

Dash of elderflower sirup
2/3 Prosecco
1/3 Sparkling water
Garnish with mint leaves, lime slices (squeeze them in) and icecubes

sweet, light

2/3 White whine
1/3 Sprite
Garnish with a slice of orange, icecubes

light, slightly bitter

4cl Aperol
1dl Prosecco
Dash of sparkling water
Garnish with a slice of orange and icecubes

sour, slightly bitter, sweet, fresh

4cl Aperol or Amaretto
2cl Sugar Syrup
2cl Lemon juice
Garnish with slices of lemon, orange, lime, mint and icecubes

(easy recipe to make sugar syrup yourself:

sweet, fruity, fresh

4cl/dash Passionfruit syrup
1/4 Passionfruit (seeds)
1dl Prosecco
Dash of sparkling water
Garnish with a slice of orange, mint and icecubes

fresh, strong, sweet, sour

4dl White Rum
1Tablepoon Brown Sugar
1/2 Lime (sliced and squeezed)
4-5 Leaves of mint (missing in this picture)
tiny dash of Sugar Syrup if you like it sweet

Mix all of this well and crush it with a mortar.
Fill up with sparkling water and ice. Crushed ice is perfect, also works with normal icecubes (when adding a bit more water)

I’m sure you’re going to love this!
xx jana

Uni-Life: Tips and Recommendations


I’ve been wanting to write this post for ages – but I didn’t find time. But now here it is!

So basically, I have started Uni in September at University Zurich. Throughout my first semester I have made loads of experiences, which I really want to share with you.


  • Preparation for Uni
    Uni life doesn’t start the moment you enter the building. It starts when you have to enrole  and book your courses. I would recommend you to take your time with this. Think through what you really want to study, check if certain combinations are allowed, and whether you have to have special knowledge to be allowed to study this subject (e.g. Latin certificate), and check what the courses will entail (content wise  – but also in terms of: are they a seminar? or a lecture? or both? do you need to write papers or a test throughout the semester? how much credit do I get for the courses?)
    Because what you will do next is coming up with a time table. The way I did this, turned out to be the wrong way, really. I though, “well great, I’m gonna put a time table together so that I only have Uni on three days a week and a super long weekend”. Trust me, it’s not a good idea. After half a day you will feel exhausted and unable to follow the lectures or seminars. Additionally, you won’t have time to finish homework straight that evening, or repeat and learn/internalize what you have just heard throughout the day, because you would actually be supposed to prepare for the lectures and seminars the next day. And on those free two days throughout the week, you won’t be as productive as you wish you were.
    So my recommendation is for you to book as much as you can in the early mornings. Better you go all week, every morning to uni, than a whole day. Because firstly, you will have the afternoon off to quickly finish homework or write summaries straight away and you still will have something from the day. I would say, go to uni in the mornings, because you will have a fresh mind and brain, ready to fill with information. And honestly, what else would you do if uni started in the afternoon? Right, you would only sleep… if you want to do Uni and work part time, you won’t have the time to waste for sleep, trust me 🙂 #uglytruth  Another option if you hate waking up early is booking around lunchtime.
    With all of those issues and the course-booking I recommend you to also talk to a friend or someone who’s already studying at the specific Uni. They will know everything and explain things to you. Uni-organisatory-stuff is super complicated in the beginning. So get yourself help!

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Bali Backpacking


I went away, far away. Destination Bali.
In following post I want to tell you about the best experiences I made, I’ll show you how absolutely beautiful this country and its culture is and I will give you some recommendations if you ever consider traveling to Indonesia.


Here a little map of our trip. After a 14 hours flight we – my best friend and I – arrived in Denpasar. Before that we had to change planes in Singapore – here my first piece of advice for you. Always make sure you have more time than 1 hour to change planes, otherwise you’ll run (like really really run) and you won’t have time for dutyfree shopping!

However, we arrived and got to our Hostel in Ubud, the so called cultural centre of Bali.
It is a very busy city with lots of traffic but many cute little shops and many things to see.

The place is quite touristic, however as I would find out during this trip, Bali itself has become a complete tourist-magnet and the people who live there rather open a little restaurant or a shop instead of making their money with traditional fishing or agriculture. Most Balinese people which are now 20 to 35 years old have studied tourism. However the culture and religion is still of big importance to the local people.

In Ubud there are great restaurants and places to go out, you can see celebrations in temples or visit the monkey forest.

IMG_2685 DSC01318

Recommendation for Ubud: 

Hostel: Pandok Permata (15 minutes walk from centre, best banana pancakes in the world, very friendly staff, warm water in the shower, pretty rooms/ cost: about 8 Euros each à night)

Restaurant: The Bali Yoga Restaurant (Jl. Kajeng No. 11) (very cheap but local and yummy food)

Culture: Ubud Palace (picture above) and rice fields in the western part of the city (if you find time, walk them all the way up and get a ride back down, cause most tourists only walk trough the fields for a little while, so if you wander further you’ll be all by yourself and you’ll find the cutest restaurants (make sure you go around sunset, you won’t have a better view of it anywhere else in Ubud)

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Festival Summer

Kodaline – “All I wantIMG_9316


It’s summer and time for festivals!

The go-to festivals near where I live are the Open Air St.Gallen and the Open Air Frauenfeld.

The Open Air St.Gallen is an alternative/rock festival with room for about 30’000 people. It is great because it’s small, cosy and if you camp at the right spot you have a direct view onto the main stage! There’s a river to go bathing and you always have shuttle busses to the centre of the city. The tickets cost about 300 Swiss Francs.

I have been to this festival several times before and saw bands like Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Philipp Poisel, Kings of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age, DeadMau5, Macklemore… Ed Sheeran has been there before, this year the headliners were Kodaline, Royal Blood, Rise Against, The Chemical Brothers, Mighty Oaks, Placebo and Paolo Nutini.

What you need to know is, that this festival is sold out super quickly. When the pre-sell starts (December/January) you have only a few hours to get one.

And the festival is known for shitty weather. I have experienced both – four days of sunshine and four days of rain. Rainy weather sucks, but how could you know half a year before the festival what the weather would be like?

The festival usually takes place at the end of June.

Find out more about it here

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