Nice to meet you,

I am Jana.
A poet,
and lifelong learner
based in Zurich, Switzerland.
I started this blog back in April 2015.

It all first began with a simple writing space for me to discuss easy stuff
– however with time I have grown up and this page has become the place
for me
to vomit words on gray backgrounds,
to collect clouds,
to find introspection
and to mess with thoughts in English and in German.
Writing to me means
diving into creativity,
being playful,
reflecting deeply,
and letting go.

Back when I first started I wrote here: «I have an obsession with poetry, books and sad songs – some people say I am cheesy, because I admire the thought of true love. I would say I am […] partly lost.»

I am still very much this person, but I am also really not anymore.

I hope you will enjoy looking into a part of my life and I hope I don’t make you feel too sad.
Thank you for visiting and feel free to get in touch via Instagram (@greypeony).


P.s. The copyrights of all pictures on this page belong to me.

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